Janet Tarasofsky

The Conversation Strategist

Who Is Janet?

Award-winning professional keynote speaker Janet Tarasofsky is the founder of Speaking Rights, offering valuable insights into how to better navigate the inevitable confrontations that occur in the workplace.
The core of her speeches identifies key elements such as why we avoid conflict, and how to successfully challenge mindsets before equipping audiences with the tools to confidently lead themselves and others.
To do this she has created a unique four-step DARE (Diagnose, Acknowledge, Research and Execute) strategy, which blends user-friendly techniques including behavioural and diagnostic models and neuro-scientific studies.

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Who Is Janet?

Janet is an award-winning public speaker determined to help businesses grow through teaching better communication strategies, both with internal teams & customer relations.

Spending 20 years successfully developing and marketing beauty products across the globe provided Janet with clear insights on how the corporate world communicates, and where development opportunities can be found.

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Janet’s Clients Include:

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The Results

• Create a happier & more productive workforce

• Reduce wasted time in redundant meetings

• Motivate and empower employees

• Reduce internal and external frustration

• Instantly allow teams to save time and money

• Improve speed to market

• Improve employee retention

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3. The Results

• Creates a happier & more productive workforce

• Reduces wasted time in redundant meetings

• Motivates and empowers employees

• Helps reduce internal and external frustration

• Instantly allows the buying team save time and money

• Improves speed to market for product development

• Saves money in the supply chain

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What Others Have To Say About Janet’s Speaking Rights Training:

“I found the session really engaging and thought provoking. The importance of good comunication and team work were at the epicentre of most of the days themes & those qualities will be my lasting take-away form the day. Thank you Janet!
Marks & Spencers- James Kearns - Marks & Spencers
“A big thank you for the session it was excellent and I feel my confidence has improved 100%”-- Beverley Stringer, Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF)
“I Loved It! It was great to listen to someone breakdown personalities and clarify how to understand them and react in the best way”-- Rebecca Cullen, Marks & Spencers
“The Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association invited Janet to present at the 2016 annual Leadership Summit. Her workshop on “Leading Courageous Conversations” was a huge success. Participants left the room excited and motivated to turn her tips and ideas into action.”
- Sabine Hutchison Program Director Leadership Summit.
“At our International Women’s Day Celebration this year I wanted a speaker that would give some useful practical tips for those attending to take away. Janet’s short and punchy speech on the importance of being an accomplished public speaker fit the bill, was very well received by the audience and contributed to a highly successful event.”- Mei Sim Lai OBE DL - Chairman, Mulan Foundation Network
I really enjoyed your presentation at Making Cosmetics. Thank you for your insight – it triggered a conscious focus towards my approach to and communication with my clients.- Geoffrey Woodward - Label advisor and brand enhancer
“Janet Tarasofsky spoke on day 2 of our Future of Formulations 2015 meeting in London. She delivered her presentation to an international audience of over 40 guests in which she succeeded in keeping a high level of engagement and interaction in the room. Her presentation was well targeted leaving all attendees well reflected with breakthrough insights on creating innovative formulations and how to appeal to their customers. Janet was a pleasure to work with and really understood the importance of capturing the topic and making it her own. I look forward to having Janet speak in our future events.”- Jasmine Okure - Conference Producer, ACI Europe
Thank you very much for speaking at The Beauty Symposium. We thought your presentation was excellent. It covered familiar ground in a very different and intriguing way.- Stirling Murray. The Red Tree
“Janet’s style is warm and humorous. She is a natural public speaker and her session outshone the rest of the speakers, including myself. Thank you Janet, I hope that I can learn from your style of delivery and that many more people can benefit from your wisdom.”- Nikki Austen Head of Insight & Strategy - Webb deVlam
“Janet is a natural speaker and a popular member of Toastmasters. She’s a regular recipient of our best speaker award and has a well-deserved reputation for delivering powerful speeches on important topics.”- Glen Long Past president Bloomsbury speakers/Toastmasters
“Passionate, insightful, full of resolve and absolutely committed to making a difference that matters to other people. A great listener, with a remarkable intuitive grasp of ‘what’s really going on beneath the surface’ – all too rare! Hugely resourceful and for women leaders, in particular, Janet is definitely one to watch.” - Simon Bucknall, The Art of Communication
“Janet was a tour de force, a witty speech timed perfectly that had the audience laughing and thinking about their own experiences. Janet was engaging, entertaining, educational and brought our meeting to life!”- Dr Nick Dixon, New Product Discovery Manager, Innospec Performance Chemicals